Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello Kitty

So I found a really cute pattern to make some crochet caterpillers and while trying to offer making them for an Etsy customer she requested the most adorable Hello Kitty. So these are pics of my first try I'm hoping to get a little feedback on her before she goes on sell in my Etsy shop. I think the nose and eyes could definately be better and the feet could be a little smaller. I've got several colors including pink, green, blue, lavendar, yellow and solid white. Check her out and give me some feedback!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wonder Pets!

Wonder pets, wonder pets we're on our way! I'm on a slipper making kick for this spring. Emma and I were poking around on Nick jr's website and found some Deigo slippers and I thought they would just be awesome as Wonder Pet slippers. Well she thinks they are just the coolest. And not just the Wonder Pet slippers but all the slippers I've made, she got her own little collection going on now! Check them out and may be buy a pair or two! Plus check out my Easter Bunny Cap that's on Sale! Hurry and get your order in today before it's to late for Easter!